Thursday, February 1, 2018

He Sent Them Out Two By Two

A Reflection on Today's Gospel Reading: Mark 6: 7-13.
He sent them out “two by two.”
In the Body of Christ, there is no “Jesus and me.” Even the hermit living apart from the world does so with the undistracted purpose of joining him or herself in intercessory prayer to every living soul for the sake of all their needs and intentions. Jesus Himself lived among us and did everything in union with the person and will of the Father. He never gave instructions to a solitary disciple to carry out anything on his own. In fact, whenever any one of them did act alone, they inevitably fell into sin: Judas’ questionable keeping of the purse, and his ultimate betrayal of the Lord; Peter’s denial that he even knew Jesus; Thomas’ absence from the others in upper room where the risen Lord first appeared, leaving him susceptible to unbelief.
Preaching the Good News in word and deed in pairs, the Twelve assisted, supported, interceded for, and affirmed one another—and held one another accountable. Even together, disciples can do nothing apart from the Lord. It is He who sends us and empowers us. It is in Him that we must remain to bear fruit, it is to Him that we must continually return to be refreshed, renewed and restored. And when we finally rest from all our labors, it is in Him that we together will rest eternally.

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